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Generate cross-platform design code in any language:

A Design System
code generator

Prism is a command-line tool which lets you generate cross-platform Design Code from a Single Source of Truth — Zeplin Styleguides. By using flexible platform-agnostic Templates, you get perfect design handoff, and aligned naming for colors and text styles!

Color Styles

Create platform-specific generated code representing all colors in your Zeplin Styleguide while still retaining platform-specific conventions, such as snakecased vs. camelcased identities.

Text Styles

Generating entire Text Styles have never been easier. Simply create a matching template that fits your coding style, and you're good to go. Each Text Style's color is also linked to the named color connected to it, ensuring reusability and identity.

Coming Soon


Much like the ability to generate Colors and Text Styles, we believe generating entire components and even screen is not fictitious, and is something currently under work.